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Some businesses are not easy to place in high risk merchant accounts not just because of their niche type, but also early closure, charge backs, and fraud that they are highly susceptible to or even high volumes of sales. Therefore, we have partnered with various banks globally, with portfolios in their merchant accounts that can cater for such risks. Our merchant account specialist in high risk businesses, is always available to provide to our customers the attention they need on a one to one basis. Despite the country where the business is located, whether it is offshore or high risk, we are here to provide them ACH, check and card processing services, email payments and prepaid cards, among many other payment solutions.

Bad credit merchant accounts are designed for businesses with low credit score, experiencing foreclosure or are bankrupt, hence cannot access these services from standard merchants. We have many account types that businesses can opt for depending on their niche type. Some of the accounts we offer are adult related, age verification, auction, binary options, internet jewelry sales, internet electronics, pawn shops, ticket broker sales, travel, chat rooms, online dating, infomercials, gun and firearm stores, loan modification, horoscopes, debt consultation services and forex websites, among others.

We review businesses in order to advise them on the account that suits them most, and thus will meet all their business needs for a merchant account. Our sign up process is very simple and involves three main steps, namely: form submission, completion of online applications, and finally, accepting payments. We have the experience and the expertise needed to offer our vast clients from all over the world high risk merchant accounts. With almost 100% approval rate, most of our clients have their accounts approved and ready for use in a matter of hours or even a few days.

As a result of the risks involved with these kinds of businesses and accounts, we provide these services to clients at very competitive rates. In order to allow our merchants to promptly process their accepted payments, Highriskmerchantapprovals employs state of the art technology and uses SSL security protocol to reduce or eliminate certain risks such as fraud. Our real time system verifies data provided with the information already in the database, debits high risk or bad credit merchant accounts, increases cash flow and ensure that customer support services is available to customers 24/7 because customer satisfaction is always our priority.

Some benefits of using our merchant accounts for high risk businesses include, access to a wide variety of checking accounts for both businesses and individuals; affordable costs than what most debit and credit card processors offer; no relation to many regulations such as NACHA, meaning faster processing times; an easy to understand and use system, hence requires no previous skills or training; recovery of certain items like NSF is automatic and customers do not have to submit authorizations in a written form. Whether yours is a high risk business or one with bad credit, we have a solution for you through a high risk merchant account designed specifically for a business like yours.

As a result of our expertise and experience in this field, we do know what our clients look for in a merchant account and we offer nothing less. We are here to stay, and walk businesses through their journey of processing their payments. Irrespective of your niche and location across the globe, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specifically here for you. Let us discuss your case and see the way forward without the limitations of the risks your business faces.


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High risk businesses we specialize in:

  • Age Verification
  • Auctions
  • Bail Bond Issuer
  • Binary Options
  • Chat Rooms
  • Collection Agencies
  • Continuity
  • Credit Repair Services
  • Debt Consultation Services
  • Direct Respons
  • Electronic Cigarette (e-Cig)
  • Extended Warranty/Protection
  • Forex Websites
  • Gift Certificate
  • Gun & Firearm Stores
  • Hair Restoration Services
  • High Volume
  • Horoscopes
  • Infomercials
  • Internet Art Sales
  • Internet Collector Coins/Stamps
  • Internet Electronics
  • Internet Jewelry Sales
  • Loan Modification
  • MMJ / Medical Marijuana (PIN based Debit Solution)
  • MPS Payment Provider
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Negative Option
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online Gaming & Internet Gambling
  • Online Dating
  • Online Exercise Equipment
  • Online Gift Baskets
  • Online Herbal/Vitamin
  • Online Legal Forms
  • Online School/Education
  • Pawn Shops
  • PC/Tech Support & Software (EVEN India Based Merchants)
  • Poor Credit Merchants
  • Pharmaceuticals & Online Pharmacies
  • Recurring & Re-bills
  • Refinance Kits
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Stored Value Cards
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Telecommunications
  • Telemarketing
  • Ticket Broker Sales
  • Time Share Sales
  • Travel
  • Trial Offers
  • Water Purifiers

High Risk Merchant Approvals

Poor Credit History Merchant Account Credit Card Processing